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Robert Lane of LIGO - Hanford Observatory is listed as an author on the following documents:

LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
E1000495-x0 aLIGO SUS QUAD Testing and Commissioning Documentation Derek Bridges et al. Assembly
Subsystem Test
29 Mar 2023
E1100293-x0 aLIGO SUS Quad Tooling Robert Lane Suspensions
28 Nov 2022
E1000006-v24 Advanced LIGO Quad Suspension Metal-Build Assembly Procedure Joe ODell et al. Assembly
06 Aug 2020
E1100291-x0 aLIGO SUS Quad Sub-Assemblies Robert Lane Suspensions
03 Jul 2018
E1100290-x0 aLIGO SUS QUAD Assembly and Installation Documentation Robert Lane Suspensions
25 Jun 2018
E1100604-x0 aLIGO SUS Quad Design Documentation Robert Lane Suspensions
05 Jun 2014
E1100342-x0 aLIGO SUS Quad Monolithic Assembly and Procedures Robert Lane Suspensions
09 Apr 2014
E1000187-v14 LHO QUAD-3 Assembly Process Traveler Jeffrey Bartlett et al. Assembly
30 Apr 2013
E1000186-v15 LHO QUAD-2 Assembly Process Traveler Travis Sadecki et al. Assembly
23 Jun 2011
F1000025-v1 Quad Suspension Metal Build Test Report Template Mark Barton et al. Assembly
Subsystem Test
19 Apr 2011

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