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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
E1300949-x0 aLIGO, Optical Layouts Dennis Coyne System Engineering
Final Design
06 Dec 2023
D1000313-v12 ISC HAM1 Assembly Lisa Barsotti et al. Assembly
Sensing and Control
11 Feb 2015
D1000452-v2 aLIGO AOS OpLev TX Pier Weldment (TM) Craig Conley Auxiliary Optics
05 Dec 2023
E2300321-x0 LIGO Converter Design Daniel Sigg Data Acquisition System
05 Dec 2023
C1106833-v2 SOW LHO Landscape Maintenance and Tumbleweed Removal John Worden et al. Operations Business
Observatory Facilities
11 Sep 2015
P2000318-v11 GWTC-3: Compact Binary Coalescences Observed by LIGO and Virgo During the Second Part of the Third Observing Run Christopher Berry et al. Compact Binaries
05 Dec 2023

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