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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
G1900464-v1 Progress in Developing a Differential OSEM (DOSEM) John Conklin et al. Sensing and Control
24 Mar 2023
D1200036-v1 Advanced LIGO HAM6 OMC REFL QPD Sled Assembly Sam Waldman Sensing and Control
Final Design
22 Jan 2015
D1300231-v1 2in. MIRROR MOUNT, RH HOLDER, 4in. BEAM HEIGHT, ISC, aLIGO Sam Barnum Fabrication
Sensing and Control
04 Dec 2014
E1300598-v1 BSC4-L1 & BSC9-H1, Requirements and Procedure, Cartridge Flight and Insertion into BSC Chamber, aLIGO Sam Barnum Installation
Seismic Isolation
22 Mar 2023
D060546-v1 Impact Absorber for Glass Stops, Earthquake Stop Derek Bridges Preliminary Design
15 May 2009
D2300135-v4 SPECIFICATION CONTROL DRAWING: LIGO, VE, COMFORMANT VIEWPORTS. Madeline Lesovsky et al. System Engineering
22 Mar 2023

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