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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
G1500324-v3 Presentation Melody Araya Fabrication
29 Feb 2016
D1300649-v1 aLIGO TCS ISS and Interface Chassis Benjamin Abbott Auxiliary Optics
05 Aug 2021
M060092-v19 LIGO Laboratory Organization Chart David Reitze et al. Management
28 Jul 2020
D1300561-v2 Optical Follower Servo Back Board Benjamin Abbott Auxiliary Optics
05 Aug 2021
M1800073-v1 LIGO Laboratory Safety Organization Albert Lazzarini Operations
Operations Business
Organizational Relations
20 May 2018
D0900456-v13 aLIGO Systems, HAM5-L1 Top Level Chamber Assembly Ignacio Romero et al. System Engineering
Final Design
23 Jan 2014
D0901129-v7 aLIGO Systems, HAM5-H1 Top Level Chamber Assembly Jose Eduardo Chavez System Engineering
Final Design
25 Oct 2017
E2100222-v8 Specification: Silicon Test Mass HR/AR Coatings, 40m Mariner phase I (ITM & ETM) Francisco Carcoba et al. Activity
Core Optics
04 Aug 2021
D1900116-v9 A+, HAM7, Flange Layout H1 Horizontal Access Module 7 Eduardo Sanchez System Engineering
Preliminary Design
04 Aug 2021
P2100063-v9 GWTC-2.1: Deep Extended Catalog of Compact Binary Coalescences Observed by LIGO and Virgo During the First Half of the Third Observing Run LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al. Data Analysis
04 Aug 2021
P2000434-v3 Data Release for "Population properties of compact objects from the second LIGO-Virgo Gravitational-Wave Transient Catalog" LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al. Compact Binaries
03 Aug 2021
T2100336-v1 Scaling of the sensor noises for various DOFs of the BSC-ISI and HAM-ISI Brian Lantz Modelling
Seismic Isolation
03 Aug 2021
G1900753-v2 Daytime Scatter at LLO Corey Austin Detector Characterization
03 Aug 2021
D0902783-v3 aLIGO AA Chassis Top Assembly Drawing (8xDB9 ISC Version) Jay Heefner et al. Data Acquisition System
Sensing and Control
03 Aug 2021
D0900136-v6 Output Faraday Isolator Assy Manuel Ruiz Assembly
Auxiliary Optics
28 Sep 2017

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