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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
D1100573-v4 B OSEM Flat Magnet Flag, aLIGO SUS Matthew Evans et al. Final Design
09 Jun 2011
E0900364-v9 Metal components intended for use in the Adv LIGO Vacuum System Dennis Coyne et al. System Engineering
09 Jun 2020
D1001715-v1 I/O EXPANSION CHASSIS - TOP ASSEMBLY DRAWING Emery Brown Data Acquisition System
16 Sep 2011
F0900032-v1 LIGO Livingston Observatory Letterhead Template Bonnie Brocato Policies
06 Mar 2009
F0900026-x0 LIGO MIT Letterhead Cleveland Mak Policies
18 Feb 2009
F0900029-x0 LIGO Hanford Observatory Letterhead Template Cleveland Mak Policies
19 Feb 2009
D0902456-v2 ADVANCED LIGO ITM OPTICS WITH EARS ASSEMBLY Kurt Buckland System Engineering
30 Nov 2020
P2000183-v10 GW190814 parameter estimation samples LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al. Compact Binaries
Data Analysis
30 Nov 2020
M2000205-v1 LSC Governance, Collaboration Standards and Services White Paper (Summer 2020 edition) Patrick Brady et al. Collaboration
30 Nov 2020
T2000294-v3 LSC-Virgo Operations White Paper (Summer 2020 edition) Nicolas Arnaud et al. Data and Computing
Astrophysics / Multi-messenger
External Collaboration
Data quality / vetoes
Detector Characterization
30 Nov 2020

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