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Jeffrey Bartlett of LIGO - Hanford Observatory is listed as an author on the following documents:

LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
E1200343-v96 OSEM Chart Stuart Aston et al. Assembly
Subsystem Test
22 Oct 2015
T080117-v10 Output Mode Cleaner Suspension (OMCS) Assembly Procedure Janeen Romie et al. Assembly
Final Design
08 Mar 2015
G1400378-v2 Hanford Contamination Control Update - Back to Basics (March 2014) Kaitlin Gushwa et al. System Engineering
21 Oct 2014
T1400217-v1 HxTS Magnet Repair/Regluing Procedure Jeffrey Bartlett Installation
14 Mar 2014
G1300952-v1 aLIGO Output Mode Cleaner: Design, Fabrication, and Installation Rich Abbott et al. Sensing and Control
Final Design
20 Sep 2013
E1000187-v14 LHO QUAD-3 Assembly Process Traveler Jeffrey Bartlett et al. Assembly
30 Apr 2013
T1100444-v1 Vibration Absorber Modal Testing Jeffrey Bartlett et al. Subsystem Test
17 Aug 2011
E1000186-v15 LHO QUAD-2 Assembly Process Traveler Travis Sadecki et al. Assembly
23 Jun 2011
T1000057-v1 Class B SUS Solid Stack Cleaning Process Jeffrey Bartlett Suspensions
24 Mar 2011
E1000175-v7 LHO QUAD-1 Assembly Process Traveler Jeffrey Bartlett et al. Suspensions
21 Jan 2011
E1000842-v1 Magnets Test Results Jeffrey Bartlett et al. Assembly
08 Dec 2010

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