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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
T1000523-v3 CDS I/O (IO) Chassis PCIe Bus DAC ADC Card Layout Rolf Bork Data Acquisition System
11 Nov 2020
G2201909-v3 A+ / O4 OMC DCPD Whitening Chassis Redesign Oct 2022 Update Jeffrey Kissel et al. Subsystem Test
Sensing and Control
Incoming Inspection
05 Sep 2023
E2300115-v1 Pre-Modecleaner(PMC): Mariner40m Fused Silica Mirror Specifications Aidan Brooks et al. Input Optics
Basic R&D
08 Aug 2023
S2200200-v3 SQZ PLL Integration Chassis None None
04 Aug 2023
D961349-x0 Assembly, VCMS Rack, LA LVEA Y Arm Rolf Bork Document Migration
18 Jun 1998
D961347-x0 Assembly, VCMS Rack, LA Mechanical Room Rolf Bork Document Migration
16 Jun 1998
D1900403-v1 RF Circuit Board Template Rich Abbott et al. Sensing and Control
09 Sep 2019
M1600168-v1 Hipot testing procedure for Withstand testing of HV coax cabling using the Vitrek 955i Electrical Safety Analyzer: Carl Adams et al. System Test
01 Jun 2016

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