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(QUAD) Quadruple Suspension Controls Arrangement Poster

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26 Oct 2012, 09:39
14 Feb 2012, 20:22
20 Oct 2010, 13:31
This is a poster that shows the position, naming and arrangement of masses and magnets as well as the local coordinate system for a quad suspension.
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  • Powerpoint version (E1000617-v6 Quad Suspension Controls Arrangement Poster.ppt, 275.0 kB)
SUS quad
Notes and Changes:
Changes made from v5 captured in v6.
1) All ECD magnets removed from drawing. These include 64 magnets from the top mass and top reaction mass ( indicated in green in v5), and 4 sets of double magnets from the upper intermediate (UIM) blades and the UIM reaction mass blades.
2) Reference to "DOUBLE MAGNETS" removed from the side magnets on the top mass and top reaction mass. These side magnets are singles. This change was carried out when we first started assembly of quads and it was found that there was mechanical interference between the doublets and the tablecloth assembly, D060310.
3) There is only one side magnet on each of the top mass and top reaction mass, shown correctly in the top view of these masses. Extra magnets have been removed in the side views of these masses to make them agree with the top view.

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