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CSWG Workshop at the March 2017 LVC meeting

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CSWG Workshop at the March 2017 LVC meeting
Friday 17 March 2017
San Diego Room

Workshop Goals/Aims
* Brainstorming
* Define problems
* Review attempted solutions to date
* Postulate promising approaches

* Angular Control
* Feedback optimization
but we can discuss other controls issues/concerns if/as time allows

APPROXIMATE AGENDA (we will be flaxible & adapt):

9:00 am Goals & Agenda

***Angular Control Issues***
9:10 am LIGO Angular Control Issues
- review recent angular control noise talks
- define/discuss problem
- what is known, unknown?
- what models, data, tools exist?
10:10 break
10:30 am GEO Angular Control Issues
11:00 am VIRGO Angular Control Issues
11:30 am wrap up discussion on angular control issues

12:00 break for lunch (not catered --> on your own)

*** Hierarchical Control Design***
1:30 pm LIGO: Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) applied to the DARM hierarchical loop design
2:00 pm GEO Hierarchical Control Design
2:30 pm VIRGO Hierarchical Control Design
3:00 pm wrap up discussion on Hierarchical Control Design

3:30 pm other issues/topics?

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CSWG Workshop @LVC meeting, March 2017

LIGO Angular Control Issues

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  9. ASC wiki pages:
  10. ISC modeling software see

  11. ISC modeling:
  12. ASC Noise Budget :

General relevant LIGO references

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  2. Remote Data Access Matlab Tools:
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Hierarchical Feedback Optimization

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