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aLIGO HAM-ISI, Test Report, Phase I: Assembly Validation, LHO Unit #7 (HAM4)

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HAM-ISI Unit #7 was assembled during July-August 2012. It is the last HAM-ISI Unit built at LHO. The testing of this Unit is presented here. It started on August 8th and lasted until August 16th. Tests were performed in accordance with E1000309-V12 procedure.

-Full set of production GS13
-L4C Brackets but no L4C

Minor issues that don’t imply further work:
-Initial testing data missing/obsolete on CPSs. CPSs were validated with recent sprectra measurements (Step III.6).
-QinetiQ test data missing for horizontal actuators. Actuators work properly though, as it can be seen on Linearity Tests and Transfer Functions.
-CPS gap measurement with a jig was waived to avoid scratching targets.
-Excessive STD measured on CPSs is associated to ground motion.

Minor issues that imply further work:
-Actuators linearity is within requirement. However the average slope deviation is out of spec. It seems to correlate with the cable+actuator resistance measurements. This observation needs to be correlated with the final measurements made with the in-field cables.
-The simulation, and implementation, of the damping loops represent a “bonus test” and was not performed

Important note:
Step III.8
Two points appeared to be controversial while measuring the level of the optical table. They were recorded as out of spec (-8/-10mils) when measured from close range (distance 3ft), but were absolutely fine (as displayed) when measured from further away (other side of the optical table). We suspected the optical level we were using to be biased and tried with another one. Same observation was made. We supposed the optical levels available could not be used in close range (distance 3ft). If this hypothesis is not true, the optical table could have flatness irregularities, up to -10mils, on two edges.

-> Some of the Wall Masses were removed after the assembly validation testing, and before storage.

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