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P170814-v15 GW170814 : A Three-Detector Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Black Hole Coalescence LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al. Astrophysics / Multi-messenger
Compact Binaries
Data Analysis
01 Dec 2017
T1400672-x0 Report from the Commissioning Workshop on Suspensions at Virgo Jeffrey Kissel et al. Integration
Seismic Isolation
Basic R&D
21 Oct 2014
G1401248-v1 Photos From Oct 2014 SEI & SUS Commissioning Workshop @ VIRGO Jeffrey Kissel et al. Vacuum
Seismic Isolation
21 Oct 2014
G080544-x0 Thermal Compensation Simulation - LSC/Virgo Collaboration Meeting, September 22-25, 2008, Amsterdam Richard Day et al. Document Migration
01 Oct 2008
G080228-x0 Magnetic Noise in Virgo - LSC/Virgo Collaborations Meeting @ Caltech, March 17-20, 2008 Stefano Braccini et al. Document Migration
04 Apr 2008

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