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Mario Diaz of Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy - University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is listed as an author on the following documents:

LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
P1100166-v4 Controlling calibration errors in gravitational-wave detectors by precise location of calibration forces Hernan Daveloza et al. Modelling
Core Optics
24 Dec 2012
G1100332-v1 aLIGO Photon Calibrator Errors due to Elastic Deformation Hernan Daveloza et al. Meeting
Core Optics
04 Apr 2012
G070012-x0 Increasing Our Knowledge of the Universe with a New Astronomy: LIGO, and the Gravitational Wave Observatories Mario Diaz Document Migration
06 Feb 2007
G030457-x0 Violin Modes - LSC Meeting, August 18th - 21st, Hannover, Germany R Berkowitz et al. Document Migration
22 Aug 2003
G030130-x0 Violin Modes, S2 Line Noise Investigations - LSC Meeting, March 17th - 20th, Livingston, LA Mario Diaz et al. Document Migration
20 Mar 2003
T020166-x0 Detecting a Stochastic Background of Gravitational Radiation - Background Information Bruce Allen et al. Document Migration
29 Jan 2003
G020376-x0 Stochastic Upper Limit Group E7 Report - LSC Meeting, August 19th - 22nd, Hanford WA Bruce Allen et al. Document Migration
21 Aug 2002
T020115-x0 Stochastic Sources Upper Limit Group E7 Report Bruce Allen et al. Document Migration
19 Aug 2002
G010421-x0 Progress on Stochastic Background Search Codes for LIGO (2001 July--Amaldi4/GR16) Warren Anderson et al. Document Migration
23 Jan 2002
T010017-x0 Proposal to Set an Upper Limit on Stochastic Sources Using LIGO Engineering Data Bruce Allen et al. Document Migration
27 Aug 2001

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