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Hernan Daveloza of Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy - University of Texas Rio Grande Valley is listed as an author on the following documents:

LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
T1100068-v23 Photon Calibrator Preliminary/Final Design Document Jonathan Berliner et al. Conceptual Design
Detector Characterization
Preliminary Design
Auxiliary Optics
Laser Systems
Basic R&D
06 Jul 2021
P1500249-v17 The Advanced LIGO Photon Calibrators Richard Savage et al. Auxiliary Optics
23 Jul 2019
T1400256-v17 Time Domain Calibration in Advanced LIGO (circa O1, Now Outdated) Xavier Siemens et al. Calibration
16 Mar 2019
T1400202-v5 Proposal for Resurrecting VCO Calibration in aLIGO (Pre O1) Hernan Daveloza Calibration
16 Mar 2019
E1300564-v5 aLIGO Pcal Periscope Pre-Alignment Procedure Richard Savage et al. Auxiliary Optics
28 Feb 2014
E1300652-v3 aLIGO Pcal Cradle Position Procedure Hernan Daveloza et al. Auxiliary Optics
10 Sep 2013
G1100189-v13 Photon Calibrator Investigations During S6 Jonathan Berliner et al. Calibration
19 Mar 2013
P1100166-v4 Controlling calibration errors in gravitational-wave detectors by precise location of calibration forces Hernan Daveloza et al. Core Optics
24 Dec 2012
G1100332-v1 aLIGO Photon Calibrator Errors due to Elastic Deformation Hernan Daveloza et al. Meeting
Core Optics
04 Apr 2012
T1100071-v9 Frequency Domain Calibration Error Budget of LIGO Instruments in S6 Keita Kawabe et al. Detector
06 Jan 2012
G1000254-v2 eLIGO Photon Calibrator investigation: long term stability of DARM actuation Matthew West et al. Calibration
22 Jul 2010

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