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Hanford and Livingston Contamination Control Update Dec 2013-Jan2014

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Presentation on contamination control for LHO and LLO. Dec 2013-Jan2014.

NOTE - For latest information on PCL's on wafers from chamber refer to LIGO-G1400142: Summary of 4" Wafer Data. PCL's from wafer data in this talk has an error and is now also out of date. CC team investigating error.

Notes and Changes:
(i) The presentation should be viewed in Slide Show mode in PowerPoint 2010 or higher. Otherwise, it might not work and or will be difficult to read. It can and will work on either a Mac or a PC if you have PowerPoint 2010 or higher.

(ii) In addition please find at the following link LIGO-T1300879, some further information on the slide that shows that iterative cleaning as you go works. The pdf slide at the above link shows how the counts in LHAM2 has got progressively better over subsequent vents and following repeated clean ups. It is an extremely exciting piece of data.

(iii) 30th Jan 2014 - CiT added pdf. The pdf includes both the LHO and LLO material so users can view this generic one or the individual .ppt files. The moves only work on the .ppt file.

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