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Initial Alignment Procedure -WBSC6

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E - Engineering documents
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05 Jun 2014, 13:45
This is the procedure for the initial alignment of the Hanford BSC6. This document describes the necessary equipment and procedures for setting the initial positions and the angular alignments of the principal optics both for the cartridge installation on the test stand and the later installation of the cartridge into the chamber.
Notes and Changes:
still missing:
- height references for the Y-end station
- would be good to use images of the new retro-reflector mount to illustrate the procedure (also need to note the D# for this new mount)
- missing reference to the SUS procedure for vertical position adjustment
- need confirmation that the allowable decenter error for TMS is +/- 6 mm vertically & horizontally and mechanical registration is good enough for longitudinal position (say ~+/- 3 mm)
- need better definition/review from ISC on alignment procedure (e.g. specific sensor references) for the TMS

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