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Initial Alignment Procedure -WBSC8

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E - Engineering documents
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11 Jun 2014, 10:52
This is the procedure for the initial alignment of the Hanford BSC8. This document describes the necessary equipment and procedures for setting the initial positions and the angular alignments of the principal optics both for the cartridge installation on the test stand and the later installation of the cartridge into the chamber.
Notes and Changes:
version v8 changes:
1) Relaxed the pitch & yaw tolerances, prior to control bias correction, to be consistent with 10% of actuator range (per the design requirements document).
2) Wrote the in-chamber alignment procedure (what we had was just a place holder until now). I think this part is in pretty good shape now.
3) Removed the approval "boxes" after each major step; Not sure if this is really useful.
4) The FM procedure is not as tight & efficient as it should be, but the procedure is basically done overall.

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