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aLIGO HAM-ISI, Test Report, Phase I: Assembly Validation, LHO Unit #1

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07 Feb 2012, 18:39
This unit was first assembled and tested in 2010, until June 17th 2010. Following the discovery of un-authorized repairs, the Unit was disassembled. Testing done before disassembly can be seen under v1 of this document. The unit was re-assembled and tested early 2012. The assembly was validated on February 16th 2012.

-Test GS13 were used. Production GS13s have to be installed, and tested, before in-chamber installation of the unit.
-No L4C

Complementary inquiry:
-Investigation of the effect of the top massís boundary conditions on the TF of HAM-ISIs.

Minor issues that donít imply further work:
-CPS gap measurement with a jig was waived to avoid scratching targets
-Stage 0 level is out of requirements
-Blade #1 spring profile slightly out of requirements
-Adjustment of locker D is borderline
-Excessive STD measured on CPSs is associated to ground motion

Minor issues that imply further work:
-Actuators linearity is within requirement. However the average slope deviation is out of spec. It seems to correlate with the cable+actuator resistance measurements. This observation needs to be correlated with the final measurements made with the in-field cables.
-Damping loops implementation and testing were waived and need to be performed during the next phase of testing.

HAM-ISI Testing Phase I
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Cable S/N updated
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