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Material Qualification RGA Test Results: Ferro Corporation RM108 Frit

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Mass spectrometer (aka Residual Gas Analyzer, RGA) test results for porcelainized (aka enameled) stainless steel with Ferro Corporation's RM1008 frit (PE RTU GC Gloss Blk RM108).
This material is intended for use on multiple baffle elements in advanced LIGO. The substrate may be either enameling steel (types 1, 2 or 3) or stainless steel. The total estimated surface are of all porcelainized baffles is 1.1E6 cm^2 in LLO and 1.6E6 cm^2 in LHO.

This material is approved for use in Advanced LIGO. Note that exposure testing in the optical contamination cavity is not needed since the material is inorganic, processed at high temperature [1400 to 1640 F (760 to 895 C)] and all constituent elements have low vapor pressure at operating (~room) temperature.

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