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Specification for Enameled Steel to be used in the LIGO Ultra-High Vacuum System

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This process specification is for the application of enamel (porcelain) coating, primarily for use on sheet steel baffles for Advanced LIGO. It includes material requirements and the process and preparation for applying porcelain onto the baffle. These baffles are for use in an Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) system. Porcelain is also applied to 304 stainless steel machined parts.
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2.2 Added requirement to fully round edges of sheet metal. Allowed the use of Scotch-Brite or similar to round the edges of sheet metal in porcelain applications.
2.4.2 Included electrostatic frit application and part number. Reduced upper thickness limit from .010 to .008". Reduced upper thickness limit from .010 to .008".
3 Changed order of instructions.

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