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aLIGO Systems Layout LHO X-End Station

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19 Jun 2014, 09:55
aLIGO Systems Layout LHO X-End Station

In the related documents below there is a link to: -
LIGO-D1100024: Rack & Cable Tray Layout, Y-End, H1 & H2
For now (until we do a X end) D1100024 should be the location used for the X-Vacuum layout for e.g. the cable tray routes and the external Optics Tables locations.

Notes and Changes:
Updated BOM as follows:
ADDED T240 seismometer (temporary STS-2 replacements)
Added Uwash Rotation sensor as per D1400243

Removed unnecessary notes
Corrected Typos in multiple locations
Added new sheet no. 2
Updated related docs.

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