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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
D030451-v2 Rotational Adjuster Assembly (OMCS) Derek Bridges Final Design
14 May 2013
T1000345-v2 The Design of the IGR MKII Strength Testing Machine Russell Jones et al. Suspensions
Basic R&D
11 Oct 2011
T010103-v1 aLIGO Suspension System Conceptual Design Russell Jones et al. Conceptual Design
09 Jun 2011
T0900586-v1 Proof load test and vertical bounce frequency test apparatus for ITM/ETM silica suspension fibres Ken Strain et al. Final Design
26 Aug 2010
G050316-x0 Update on Aspects of the Suspension Design for Advanced LIGO Helena Armandula et al. Document Migration
28 Jun 2005
T050031-x0 Advanced LIGO SUS Quad Suspension Mass Bending Calculator & Notes Caroline Cantley et al. Document Migration
10 Mar 2005
T040206-x0 Sketches of Blade and Clamp to an Assist Explanation of the Placement of the Recess in the Blade Clamp Alastair Grant et al. Document Migration
13 Oct 2004
D020499-x0 Upper Wire Clamp with Pitch Adjustment Alastair Grant et al. Document Migration
02 Aug 2004
T040118-x0 Mode Cleaner Top Blade Rotational Adjuster Design Alastair Grant et al. Document Migration
23 Jul 2004
T030734-x0 Concept for Addition/Subtraction of 500g to/from the Recycling Mirror Intermediate Mass Alastair Grant et al. Document Migration
06 Feb 2004
G030385-x0 Suspension Eddy Current Damper Assembly Mark Barton et al. Document Migration
12 Sep 2003

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