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Studying the Detectability of High Mass Black Hole Binary Mergers with Future Gravitational Wave Detectors

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In this work we will determine the distances to which gravitational waves from Intermediate Mass Black Hole Binary (IMBHB) mergers can be detected by ground based gravitational wave detector network in observing run four (O4), and beyond. Binary black hole mergers between 65 and 150 \( M_\odot \) are predicted to be rare as a result of pair instability in the final stages of their progenitor stars, so future observations of IMBHB mergers will help us to understand formation processes. Therefore this study seeks to calculate the detectability of IMBHB mergers for future runs of the detector network. We aim to determine the sensitive luminosity distance of merger events within the IMBH mass range, averaged over other astrophysical parameters. Optimal sensitivity distances will be given for several detector network configurations, including predictions for future detectors. Additionally we will present detection efficiency predictions as a function of red-shift, and distance horizon value for various high mass mergers. We will present the sensitive volume of the detector network, and predict the number of IMBHB merger events we expect to observe in future runs.
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