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1" Witness Optic: Ionizer

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S/N: 245
Orientation: Horizontal
Location: Ionizer output

Expt Details: At this link you will find the results of glass witness plate placed, by Kate and Calum, at the output of the ionizer to measure dust. The ionizer was run for 4 hours under the flow conditions expected when filling the test mass chamber.

Absorption data (background): Sample given to Kate - inserted in the system and present during deionization flow with N2. No "before" data, it was intended to look for particulate. It has been tested at JPL.
Absorption data: Clean with FC and measure at high (normal) power
The absorption is very low (from different batch?), it's interesting to see there are relative high absorption zones.

Notes and Changes:
v3 includes absorption data only.
v2 Includes report from JPL as well as initial analysis in house at Caltech.
v1 Uploaded with temp pdf of images found on Nikon microscope on lower half of optic.
x0 - Includes summary of experiment which is an extract from T1400477.

3rd Sept 2014 - sent to JPL for asnalysis. Refer to e-mail on same date.

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