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200 psi air knife silvent nozzle and top gun pictures - proof of concept

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trials at CIT with "clean", dusty, and blown-off plate glass
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LIGO-T1300862-v1 are a set of pictures from some trials with air knife and air nozzle. We did a drag wipe and then took a "clean" picture, then got it dusty with some artificial dust, and then blew it off with one of three different methods. I guess, the clean value should be subtracted from each of the dirty and blown-off conditions. The Silvent nozzle, air knife, and Top Gun were all filtered with Ingersol Rand input air filters.

00150 clean
00151 dusty (Calum's brew including 30 um Al powder - same dust formula used for all)
00152 Silvent nozzle at 200 psi
00153 clean
00154 dusty
00155 Silvent nozzle at 200 psi
00156 clean
00157 dusty
00158 air knife @ .004 gap and 200 psi
00159 clean
00160 dusty
00161 air knife @ .004 gap and 200 psi
00162 Top Gun at 200 psi
00163 clean
00164 dusty
00165 Top Gun at 200 psi
00166 scale in 32nds of an inch (image is 4000 pixels x 6000 pixels)

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