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"Known" Particulate Sample Poster

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T - Technical notes
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The collection of "known particulate samples" (from compiled into a single E sized poster.
(There is also a pdf with each known sample as an individual page.)

Collection of known particulate samples:
1. Glove print
2. glove piece
3. Alpha 10 wipe
4. Contec wipe
5. Berkshire wipe
6. Skin particulates
7. cut section of over-temperature bake teflon cable (not clean)
8. C3 suit (old)
9. C3 cover (HAM2)
10. Al foil (new)
11. ameristat bag (new)
12. cleaned & baked teflon quadrapuss cable
13. Human sweat and saliva
14. site cleanroom curtain
15. site concrete floor dust
16. Teflon
17. cotton glove liner
18. New C3 bunnysuit
19. well used foil
20. jeans
21. saliva
22. sweat
23. eyebrow hair
24. viton
25. face skin
26. Alum (taken from "unknown sample" which was identified)
27. Stainless (taken from "unknown sample" which was identified)
28. Titanium (taken from "unknown sample" which was identified)
29. Silver (taken from "unknown sample" which was identified)

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Refer to for all the individual SEM records for each sample.

For reference - Most of the metals used by LIGO are either 6061 aluminum or 304 stainless. See
* for aluminum alloys.
* for stainless alloys.

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