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Do laser interferometers absorb energy from gravitational waves?

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Abstract. In this paper we discuss the energy interaction between gravitational waves and laser interferometer gravitational wave detectors. We show that the widely held view that the laser interferometer gravitational wave detector absorbs no energy from gravitational waves
is only valid under the approximation of a frequency-independent optomechanical coupling strength and a pump laser without detuning with respect to the resonance of the interferometer. For a strongly detuned interferometer, the optical-damping dynamics dissipates gravitational wave energy through the interaction between the test masses and the optical field. For a nondetuned interferometer, the frequency-dependence of the optomechanical coupling strength
causes a tiny energy dissipation, which is proved to be equivalent to the Doppler friction raised by Braginsky
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Target Journal: Classical and Quantum Gravity

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