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Commissioning of the tuned DC readout at GEO600

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Recent experimental results from GEO600 operating with a DC readout and a tuned signal recycling cavity are reported.
Compared to the S5/Astrowatch setup, two major changes in the configuration have been implemented: the control readout to keep the interferometer on the dark fringe is changed from heterodyne to homodyne readout and the signal recycling cavity is shifted from a 550 Hz detuning to a 0 Hz detuning (also called tuned). As preliminary experiments showed, the tuned DC readout sensitivity is similar to the heterodyne one. To take advantage of the new DC readout detection scheme, an Output Mode Cleaner (OMC) has to be installed. The design, building and testing of the GEO OMC, which consists of a 4 mirrors monolithic ring cavity, will also be presented in this article.
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