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Matched filter analysis of burst waveform injections

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Hardware injections provide us with a crucial tool for proving that we understand the response and performance of the LIGO detectors. Since we have complete knowledge of the injected waveform and detailed measurements of the detector response function, we are able to predict and confirm the instrument response. During the S5 science run of LIGO, various burst-type waveforms are being injected. We have analyzed the first seven months of these injections, using optimal matched filters derived from the injection waveforms. We have confirmed that most of the responses follow the predictions and have measured the accuracy of the estimated arrival time. In addition, we examined transients identified by the KleineWelle algorithm in auxiliary data channels at the time of hardware injections. Through this study, we could recognize couplings between auxiliary channels and the gravitational wave channels and assess the safety of the use of auxiliary channels as vetoes for gravitation wave candidates.
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Published in Class Quant Grav vol. 24 pg. S423-S431.

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