LIGO Document M1500263-v1

Guidelines for Advanced LIGO Detector Upgrade Development Review

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M - Management or Policy
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This document provides programmatic guidelines for the development phases of proposed upgrades to the advanced LIGO (aLIGO) detector from the requirements and conceptual design phase through fabrication.
Notes and Changes:
Initial release (-v1) notes:
1) Based on the aLIGO Project development guidelines document, M050220-v2, but with the following changes:
a) dropped separate review of prototype tests (combined with FDR)
b) dropped separate review of first article tests (combined with IRR)
c) changed the "pre-ship review" to an "installation readiness review"
d) put FMEA back into the review content
e) changed organizational names & responsibilities to reflect the Ops organization
f) added the requirement to include a cross-reference table to the checklist for each design review document
g) for all 3 major reviews, added a requirement to review & update existing interface documentation

Suggestion for future consideration: compare and normalize the design review content with INCOSE and/or NASA Systems Engineering guidance.

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