LIGO Document M1200366-v2

Guidance and format for writing an “Operation Manual” (aka “User’s Manual” or “Operator’s Manual”)

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M - Management or Policy
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13 Nov 2012, 09:33
The main document provides guidance for writing an “Operation Manual” (aka “User’s Manual” or “Operator’s Manual”).
There is a supporting document which is a template file for an E-type Operation Manual.
Also included is a snap-shot list of the manuals in the DCC as of 9-18-2012

N.B.: Future manuals must comply. Previously written manuals do not need to be re-written.

Notes and Changes:
Added a note in the guidance document, as well as in the manual template, to include, under the "maintenance" section, a list of needed operational spare parts and to include a schedule of maintenance operations and/or inspections and needed frequency.

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