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L1 Calibrated Sensitivity Spectra Dec 13 2016 (Representative for Early O2)

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These are calibrated strain and displacement spectra from a representative lock stretch for the at the tail end of the first month of O2, taken on Dec 13 2016, when the luminosity range for 1.4-1.4, 10-10, and 30-30 [M_sol] binary systems was 84, 417, and 1029 [Mpc].

Further, these spectra are in the process of being reviewed and should be considered preliminary and are subject to change in future versions.

New to O2, the majority of the interferometers time-dependence has been corrected for. We expect the uncertainty in calibration at this time is better than 10% and 10 [deg], valid between 10 and 5000 [Hz] (the uncertainty is larger and unquantified outside this band). Note that the review of this uncertainty is on-going. For the latest progress uncertainty estimation, check out G1700081.

For details on how the ASD was calculated, see T1500365.

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- Updated to include input power, 10-10 M_sol range, and 30-30 M_sol range on the displacement and strain plots.
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