LIGO Document F1500003-v2

Third IFO Component Request Form and Procedure

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F - Forms and Templates
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24 Apr 2024, 10:31
This form is to be completed and submitted for approval by Systems Engineering for any loan or use of a Third Interferometer (IFO) component.

Requires MS Word 2011 or 2013
Notes and Changes:
-v2 changes:
1) added "approx. replacement cost" and "approx. lead time to replace" to the form
2) added to the procedure the requirement for the Systems Engineer to keep tally of the approved loan value and inform the Business Mgr if the implicit escrow is > $50K)

N.B.: The pull-down menu of selectable items (used in some places in the form) do NOT work with MS Word for Mac 2011. arggg!

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