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Assembly procedure - OMC stray light baffle aka Black Glass Shroud

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Assembly procedure - OMC stray light baffle
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v6 - Merged everything into one document. Hyperlinks now work for pdf.

v5 - Added more details, cleaning & inspection procedure, and lessons learned. Still require 2 docs (v5 & v3).

v4 - draft posted of procedures used at LHO. Use both ppt and pdf. Ppt first and then pdf. Also need to use D0900295.

v3 - posted with mod on installing both the D1500054 & D1500055 set of glass plates.

v2 - posted after effort with poster board to arrange and group tasks. Also includes comments from KG post April 15-17th review.

v1 - draft created 16th April 2015 for review.

19th April 2015 - The authors note this draft does not match the top level drawing. We (Eddie and Kate) are working that out now.

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