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IAS LLO Primary Optics As Built Alignment Summary

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This document provides a summary table of the As Built in-chamber alignment positions and angles of the primary optics aligned by IAS at LLO. Listed are the aligned position/angle, the target, the error, and the allowed tolerance.
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IAS LLO As Built Alignment
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7/22/2016 J. Oberling: While looking up as built optic positions at the request of LLO, I noticed some small errors, on the order of ~0.1 mm, in the as built positions for the PRM, SRM-s, SR2 and SR3 optics. This has been corrected in v4.

7/1/2014 J. Oberling: Added L1 CPx, CPy, ERMx, and ERMy pitch/yaw final alignment numbers.

5/5/2014 J. Oberling: Changed the SRM row title to read SRMs as it was the SRM surrogate optic that was installed and aligned.

4/24/2014 J. Oberling: Uploaded version 1.

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