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Optical Contamination Test Results MasterBond EP30-2 samples on glass slides

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Optical contamination cavity test results for MasterBond EP30-2 epoxy. This material is intended as a replacement for VacSeal (which is no longer available). In particular it is intended for use in the following aLIGO applications:
1) bonding stand-offs (aka prisms) to the barrel of masses for wire suspensions
2) bonding magnet-standoff assemblies to some optics
3) bonding optical filters in the A-OSEMs
4) bonding Acoustic Mode Dampers (AMDs) to the barrel of test mass optics
Use for any other application in aLIGO must be reviewed and approved by Systems.

For this qualification test the following steps were taken:
1. clean 6 microscope slides.
2. mix EP30-2 epoxy 1:10 by volume.
3. spread evenly over entire surface of slide, one side.
4. cure at room temperature for 24 hrs.
5. Vacuum bake 12 hrs at 50C for water bake off.
6. Take an RGA scan at Room temperature.
7. Test for absorption and scatter loss in a high irradiance optical contamination test cavity

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