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RGA Test Results: A-OSEM heads with wound coil (quantity = 404)

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A large quantity (404) of the heads (D0901048) of the A-OSEM assembly (D0901065) with kapton insulated coil wire windings (i.e. a partial assembly) was baked (200C) and RGA tested as part of the aLIGO production run. The results (included here) give lower outgassing rates than for the original RGA results on samples of the A-OSEM head material, ESd 480 PEEK (see E1000298).

These coil wound heads were cleaned as follows:
1. wash 10 min. in Di water, no sonic bath.
2. wash 10 min. in sonic bath with Isopropyl alcohol.
3. second rinse in Isopropyl alcohol.
4. let dry over night.
5. Vacuum bake at 200C for 48 hrs.

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