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aLIGO HAM-ISI, Test Report, Phase I: Assembly Validation, LLO Unit #2 (HAM2)

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This unit was first assembled in the early fall of 2010, and tested until October 2010. Following the discovery of un-autorized repairs while building this unit, the testing was interrupted. Testing done until interruption can be seen under v1 of this document. The unit was subsequently disassembled in Spring 2011 and immediately re-assembled.
Only a few issues were found during the testing of this unit, which are summed up here:
- sensor gaps not recorded on the jig
- Local 2 local transfer functions displays a slightly different behavior around 1 Hz in corner 3 than in the others
- Y LZMP measurements do not meet requirements and all LZMP measurements seem to have a fairly high uncertainty

HAM ISI test
Notes and Changes:
After change in requirements for sensor gaps, this test now passes. A few typos corrected.
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