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aLIGO OMC Breadboard Assembly Layout

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10 Feb 2015, 16:37
Optical layout (bottom) and mounting/counterweights (top) of the OMC Breadboard.

text redline (WIP) S Appert 20210722

A) add to BOM the following items:
1) D1600316, quantity as required
2) Edmund Optics 45-071,
3) Edmund Optics 45-072,

B) add an isometric detail view of a notional repair with 2x right angle prism and 1x D1600316, similar to as-built image linked below from LHO aLOG 28793. Label "representative repair of delamination"

C) add a note saying "in case of delamination of any bond, these elements may be bonded to the breadboard as reinforcement" with flags colocated with balloons for these items.

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Zone E/4: Added missing beam dump to reflect productions units.

Parts list: Item no. 12 qty. was: 4

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