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aLIGO IAS LHO Monuments

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30 Oct 2013, 09:44
21 Mar 2012, 06:37
The intent is that this document (to include an Excel spreadsheet of coordinates AND a drawing) cover all Initial Alignment System (IAS) monuments for use in aLIGO Initial Alignment at LHO.

D970210-v1 Initial LIGO monuments BTVE, IAM and PSI. Updated/re-surveyed list/drawing, but not a complete set for all of iLIGO
D970210-v2 update to drawing for aLIGO, including LV monuments (to be developed/posted)
LVEA 15Nov2011 LV1 thru LV16. Jason Oberling & Doug Cook, 15 Nov 2011 (prepared earlier in the year). In addition, Dennis Coyne has added monuments starting with LV17 for aLIGO alignment

NOTE: This Excel workbook uses:
1) "XY Chart Labeler", version 7.1.05, cr Rob Bovey. This is a free utility available at
2) A VBA code module to enforce equal X & Y axis scales for the plots. Invoke with Alt-F8

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Added monuments for WBSC2 cartridge alignment on Test Stand #2, per E1200798-v1.

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