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LIGO-Number Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
D1000227-v10 CUSTOM CABLE V25M Benjamin Abbott et al. Fabrication
Seismic Isolation
23 Jul 2012
C1201946-v2 Garb Laundry and Maintenance SOW Jodi Fauver et al. Procurements
29 Feb 2012
C1105931-v4 SOW for SI-134g In-vacuum cables Alan Wilkins et al. Procurements
21 Sep 2011
C1002822-v1 SOW for FM-150b H2 Electronics Building Alan Wilkins Procurements
Observatory Facilities
22 Dec 2010
C1002156-v1 Drawing chart for SI-148b2 replacement HAM Machined Parts Alan Wilkins Procurements
27 Oct 2010
C1002031-v2 SOW for H2 Building concrete pad John Worden et al. Procurements
12 Oct 2010
E1000243-v3 SU-312b Drawing table for HSTS machined Parts Alan Wilkins et al. Procurements
23 Jul 2010
C1000398-v3 Statement of Work - Fabrication of Custom In-Vacuum Cables V25M Alan Wilkins et al. Seismic Isolation
19 May 2010
L1000145-v2 aLIGO PS-130 - Laser Area Enclosure RFI Solicitation Letter - Clean Rooms West Alan Wilkins et al. Letters
Laser Systems
30 Mar 2010

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