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Searching for gravitational waves with eccentricity from compact binary coalescences

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Gravitational waves (GWs)is a fundamental prediction of general relativity. Detecting GW has introduced a novel window into the universe and is revolutionizing the potential to revolutionize our understanding of astrophysics. The motion of two massive objects in an eccentric orbit emits GWs which carry information about the eccentricity of the binary black hole (BBH) source. These waveforms are characterized by their eccentricity, which measures the deviation of the orbit from a quasi-circular orbit. Studying eccentric binary orbit is crucial because eccentric binaries provide evidence for dynamic formation of the binary system. In this proposal, the study of GW waveforms from eccentric binaries and its implications for detecting and analyzing GW will be proposed. I will develop eccentric waveform models and parameter estimation frameworks for eccentric BBH and use these tools to analyze the data from current and upcoming GW observations. Since eccentric waveforms are predicted to have similar waveforms with GWs from BBH systems with non-aligned spin, I will try to distinguish eccentric waveforms and non-aligned spin waveforms by investigating their differences. The minimum eccentricity that the waveform can no longer find out is eccentric will also be studied.
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