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Improved Targeted sub-threshold Search for Strongly Lensed Gravitational Waves with Sky Location Constraint

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Gravitational lensing is an important field in both astrophysics and cosmology as it could provide a large amount of crucial information about our universe unmatched by other phenomena. Until recently, gravitational lensing had only been applied to the observation of the electromagnetic spectrum. Since the first successful observation of gravitational waves back in 2015, discussions had started to try to find lensed gravitational wave signals. However, in most cases, the lensed image should be much dimmer, which might be buried in the noise as it could not pass the normal detection threshold. Our work would be to modify the existing GstLAL searching pipeline to suit our need for lensing searches. We hope to recover originally buried sub-threshold lensed signal from the collected data. Our searches would cover data from all 3 observation runs in LIGO and VIRGO.
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