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An Investigation on the Effects of Non-Gaussian Noise Transients and Their Mitigations to Tests of General Relativity

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T - Technical notes
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The detection of gravitational waves from compact binary coalescence by Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo provides an opportunity to study the strong-field, highly-relativistic regime of gravity. Gravitational-wave tests of General Relativity (GR) typically assume Gaussian and stationary detector noise, thus do not account for non-Gaussian, transient noise features (glitches). We present the results obtained by performing parameterized gravitational-wave tests on simulated signals from binary-black-hole coalescence overlapped with a scattered-light glitch. We then review and apply three glitch mitigation methods and evaluate their effect on reducing false deviations from GR. We show that a scattered-light glitch has negligible effect on parameterized test of GR for a three-detector observation, and a bias resulted from its mitigation can only be identified in one case which a significant portion of high-frequency contribution of the signal is removed.

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