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Studying the Properties of Higher Order Modes in Gravitational Wave Emission from Binary Black Hole Merger Events

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Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo have con dently detected gravitational wave signals from ten binary black hole mergers and one merger from a binary neutron star. Each observation contains encoded information about the physical properties of the binary system. As the detectors continue to improve their sensitivity, these developments will allow us to detect rarer systems and make more con dent statements regarding their source properties. In order to fully characterize the gravitational wave observations, we rely on numerical and analytical models that approximate the signal waveforms from the emitted source as speci ed by the source parameters (masses, spins, sky location, etc). The dominant emission frequency of gravitational waves from compact binary coalescence is at twice the orbital frequency; however, recently published events have demonstrated subdominant higher order harmonic contributions. The primary focus of this study is to explore higher order modes in gravitational wave signals with newly improved signal models.
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LIGO SURF 2020 project, Jennifer Sanchez, CSU Fullerton

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