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SUS Temperature Sensitivity Modeling

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T - Technical notes
This DCC filecard summarizes all the modeling done on suspension temperature sensitivities spread throughout the alogs. Ideally, this will be turned into an actual document.

VERTICAL Temperature Sensitivities

All SUS vertical sensitivities are summarized in LHO log 15995.

A detailed calculation following the example of the quad is given in LLO log 12581.

PITCH Temperature Sensitivities

The quad pitch temperature dependence is summarized in LLO log 15888.

This updates and corrects the original pitch modeling in LLO log 13817.

That log still has a useful diagram of a pitching mass.

Updates to add:

* I plan to make a further correction that will reference the initial pitch misalignment in terms of the angles of the masses, rather than the torque imbalances. This should will make the analysis more ‘correct’, though I don’t think it will effect the temperature sensitivity more than a factor of 2. In either case, the final number is a guess anyway since we don’t know the misalignments of all the stages.

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