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Characterization of Hardware Injections in LIGO Data

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31 Aug 2014, 10:23
There are simulated astrophysical signals in LIGO data that were injected into the detectors by moving the test masses. The simulated signals should appear in the data more or less exactly at the labeled times as real signals. The objective of this study is to retrieve every compact binary coalescence hardware injection by implementing a matched filter search for the signals in the data, and comparing the results with the expectations from a list of attempted injections. The templates used to produce the hardware injections are reproduced for the matched filter search; there is one template for every injection in science mode data. Our basic method expects fifty seconds of science mode data on both sides of the merger. Methods for recovering injections when there aren't enough data are developed and tested in this paper. The matched filter calculates both the expected signal to noise ratio (SNR) and the recovered SNR; if the recovered SNR matches the expected SNR and is recovered at approximately the time of the merger, the injection is said to be recovered. All but ten of the injections that were expected have been recovered; the signals from those eight injections were overwhelmed by glitches.
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