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Ground Loop Hunting on HXTS Suspensions

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Ground Loop Hunting on HXTS Suspensions at LLO
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Kate, Rich and others have been busy recently putting together some nice wee documents on cables, particularity related to electrical shorts to ground. Here is a summary of them and also what they can do for you: -

1) LIGO-T1200266-v3 - Main cable short hunting doc
The above link would be the main one I would recommend and utilize. The sections in blue starting on page 11 through 15 are (I believe particularity useful.)

2) LIGO-T1200226-v1 - slides of oragami with alum strips
Series of slides that shows issues particular to LLO HSTS. However, there are several very useful slides that show various wrapping techniques that utilize the alum strips you all received recently.

3) LIGO-T1200131-v2 - cartoon
A one page cartoon showing the right way and wrong way of grounding and shielding. Intended to aid installation crews in understanding how to check wiring.

4) LIGO-T1200216-v1 - video of short issues on LLO HSTS
At the above link you will find a short video that highlights the issues described in T1200226 (which is LLO HSTS specific but perhaps useful elsewhere).

5) LIGO-T1200203-v2 - original doc created for April SUS meeting
The above link was the original document created to the April SUS meeting following the first "shorting" issue found at LLO. It has since been updated so that it does not conflict with T1200266. Sections in red

6) LIGO-T1200318: Step By Step Cabling Guide for HAM Triple Suspensions

7) Not yet written up
Turns out issues with first batch of alum strips LLO received was related to that one set. All subsequent sets have been good after clean and bake. In addition it looks like punches also work fine after clean and bake. Key is to punch holes with alum strip under tension - so it is technically a 2 man (or 2 lady) job. More Alum strips of different widths as well as approved Teflon tubing is on order via Bob A and is coming soon.


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