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Shear strength testing of hydroxide catalysis bonded discs

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T - Technical notes
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25 mm diameter discs were bonded in September 2010 by three different people during a training excercise in Hanford using hydroxide catalysis bonding.
All 26 discs were cured according to the normal 4 week room temperature procedure.
6 of the discs then were exposed to the aLIGO UHV clean bake procedure (125 degrees C for 48 hrs in Ultra high vacuum). All discs were sent back to Glasgow, where they were strength tested in shear.
It was found that the strength of the discs (without the clean bake) varied somewhat between the three people. 11, 13 and 16 MPa was found, with a standard deviation of 5 MPa for the two lower values and 3 MPa. The bonds that were UHV clean baked were loaded up to 25 MPa and none broke.

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