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Snapshot of LIGO Mechanical Resonances HTML Pages, Circa S1-S4

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16 Jul 2010, 09:02
Below are snapshots of two HTML pages containing lists of mechanical resonances expected and/or observed in LIGO interferometers and associated PEM detectors. Section I contains resonances pertaining to the LIGO Hanford Observatory, while section II contains resonances pertaining to the LIGO Livingston Observatory. These mechanical resonances were characterized before or during the epoch of the first four science runs S1-S4. Some disturbances may have been mitigated or eliminated due to commissioning processes, while still others (e.g. pumps and fans) may have moved in central frequency due to thermal or mechanical effects.
The original (“living”) html source is available off of the CDS webages (restricted sites for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration) at LIGO Hanford and LIGO Livingston.
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