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Cavity Optics Suspension Subsystem Design Requirements

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06 Jul 2012, 14:14
06 Mar 2009, 08:33
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Cavity Optics Suspension Subsystem Design Requirements Document
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-v1 = -05
v2 contains updated info on version number of Optical Layout for Advanced LIGO, T010076-02, (currently at version 2). Also sentence added noting that T010076-02 contains information on the beam heights above/below the optical tables.
v3 Transverse technical noise level set at 1/10 of the longitudinal seismic noise, bringing it into line with other technical noise sources. Previously it was set at 1/100 of the longitudinal seismic noise.

Noted added 3rd May 2012 (Norna)
With regard to alignment requirements for optics, this document is superceded by T080307 'Initial Alignment System (IAS)Design Requirements Document'. Please refer to it for information on alignment requirements.

6 July 2012: -v4. Removed info regarding sapphire and update with silica. Removed references to ribbons and updated with dumbbell fibres. Added reference to Initial Alignment System (IAS) Design Requirements Document. Other minor updates.

15 May 2013: -v5. Corrected typos in BS yaw and pitch requirements in table 4 page 18. Yaw now reads “…falling to 4x10-17 rad/rt Hz at 40 Hz..” and pitch has m/rt Hz changed to rad/rt Hz in one place.

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