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Optics Development for LIGO

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The large optical components (the test masses, beam splitters, and recycling mirrors) represent one of the most challenging aspects for large gravitational wave interferometers. The requirements for the LIGO optical components have been derived using a computer model of the interferometer which uses an FFT-based optical propagation code. This model includes the surface figure of all optical components, the homogeneity of the substrates, an allowance for losses due to scattering and absorption in the optical coatings, and the carrier and sideband modulation/detection technique. To meet these requirements, LIGO has undertaken a program to work with industry to evaluate and improve current fabrication capabilities. Full-size LIGO test masses have been polished and measured for micro-roughness and surface figures accurate to 1 nm over spatial scales from 0.2 mm to 10 cm. To measure coating uniformity, LIGO has developed a technique using measurements of the reflectivity of specially-designed two-layer coatings to extract the thicknesses of the individual layers with a precision of ~ 0.02% (rms). This paper summarizes the requirements for LIGO optics that have been derived, results from the polishing development, and preliminary data on the large-scale uniformity of ion-beam-sputtered coatings.
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- Full document number: LIGO-P960044-00-D
- Author(s): Garilynn Billingsley; Brett Bochner; John Carri; Alex Golovitzer; Yaron Hefetz; Doug Jungwirth; Bill Kells; Partha Saha; Rai Weiss; Stan Whitcomb; Hiro Yamamoto
- Document date: 1997-01-21
- Document received date: 1997-09-22
- Document entry date: 1997-01-21
- Publcation info: Gravitational Wave Detection. Proceedings of the TAMA International Workshop on Gravitational Wave Detection, November 11-12, 1996, Saitama, Japan, K. Tsubono, M.-K. Fujimoto, and K. Kuroda, eds., Universal Academy Press, Inc., Tokyo, 229-239 (1997)
- Publication author(s): Whitcomb, S., Billingsley, B., Carri, J., Golovitser, A., Jungwirth, D., Kells, W., Yamamoto, H., Bochner, B., Hefetz, Y., Saha, P., and Weiss, R.
- Citation reference: Presented at the TAMA Workshop fo the LGIO Project

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