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Improving astrophysical parameter estimation via offline noise subtraction for Advanced LIGO

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06 Oct 2017, 09:16
The Advanced LIGO detectors recently completed their second observation run. Here, we utilize auxiliary sensors that measure various noise sources, and use them to remove those noise contributions from the gravitational wave readout data that is used for estimation of astrophysical parameters of gravitational wave progenitors. This noise removal is particularly significant for the LIGO Hanford Observatory, where the improvement in sensitivity is greater than 20%.
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v9 is the public-version document that people can see for reference in our GW publications. v10 is what will be submitted to PnP for review and eventual publication.
v11 is a slight revision on v10, including several comments from PnP.
v12 is similar to v11, but with a rough draft of the instrument science author list included.
v13 is content same as v12, but fixes formatting issue in references.
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