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Advanced LIGO

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Instrument paper on Advanced LIGO, for a special issue of Classical and Quantum Gravity.
CQG reference: Class. Quantum Grav. 32 (2015) 074001.
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v6: Incorporates comments from CQG reviewers.

Fig. 14 of P1400177 is incorrect; The ITM elliptical baffle clearly does not catch the ITM & CP ghost beams. A better depiction is Figure 1 of T0900269-v2, the Stray Light Control preliminary design document. The ghost beams from the ITM and BS are supposed to be caught by the SR2 and PR2 Scrapper baffles. The function of the ITM Elliptical Baffle is to "absorb the excess light that spills around the clear aperture of the PRM and the tilted BS" (section 2.1 of T070061-v3).

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